Friday, November 16

The Twilight Saga

Ok, I may know what you're thinking...
What? Why?  Is she? 
LOL, yes I am. 

 I've seen all of the Twilight series. The first film happened to be on network television one night while I was at home bored so I tuned in.  It was pretty awful acting from a movie buffs point of view. Give the directors points because it intrigued me enough to find out what happened in the next film.  The rest is, shall we say, history!  Don't kill me Twihards, Twihearts and other Twilight lovers, I enjoy the actors very much!  If you're still here reading with me and haven't clicked away, thanks!  We can probably go see a movie together one day! 

Since this is one of the biggest movie releases of the holiday season (next to my ultimate favorite Skyfall) it's only fitting that we take a look at a few of the cast members that have grown on me through the years.

Taylor Lautner

Then 2008 & Now 2012

Kristen Stewart

Then 2008 & Now 2012

Now, this ensemble needed a couple snapshots of its' own!  K.Stew...I think I love you!  Everyone has either stated they love or hate this lace jumper.  I believe she pulls it off!  Style is what you make it, she wore this with confidence and it shows!

Designer: Zuhair Murad

Robert Pattinson

Then 2008 & Now 2012

The Couple

Then 2008 & Now 2012

The Threesome Together
Then 2009 & Now 2012
(all photos above are courtesy of Getty Images)

Now can you see how these three have grown on me?!  After looking at all these pics, I'm kinda in the mood for a little nibble! (That's a vampire joke...nevermind)  

Happy Movie Going!

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